At Ample Storage, our purpose is to turn our access to worldwide ISO container supply sources into solutions for your onsite storage container or ocean freight export needs.

Because Ample Storage places such a high priority on customer satisfaction, many customers are repeat customers, and we’re very proud of this. Our clients know that we will make their container order process simple, from A to Z. Many clients refer us to colleagues because they know that Ample Storage can be trusted to handle even a first-time process, where the client may not have all the contacts needed to facilitate the process. If a client needs help with trucking, Ample Storage has the contacts. We have established a reputation: we go beyond the normal call of duty for our customers, and our containers always meet expectations. Freight forwarders rely on us to perform reliable inspections and work with a short turnaround time from the moment they place their order until the moment when the order can be picked up.

Ample Storage does not own trucks, which is another reason why our costs are low. Ample Storage has developed partnerships with tilt-bed and flat-bed trucking companies across the U.S., and we always ask the drivers to be sure about their abilities to handle a specific container. There are cases where the customer is aware that the drop spot is particularly awkward or tight, and in these situations we generally advise the customer to directly contact the trucking company to address delivery concerns.